10 Best Pizza in London Ontario Canada in 2023 – Ontario’s Finest Slices

Similar to most cities around the world, London, Ontario, has no shortage of amazing pizza places spread around. Making a short list of the best pizza in London Ontario Canada was definitely not easy, but we did research and came up with some prominent locations in the city.

The fact is that Canada and U.S. have some of the finest pizza places that will undoubtedly soothe your appetites. Whether you like yours with veggies, different meats, or different types of cheese, there is something for everyone. There are also locations that soothe different types of budgets, so the cost will not be an issue. We have a lot to cover, so without further redo, let us get started.

1. Through Thick & Thin

through thick and thin best pizza in london ontario canada

This pizza place is one of the newest locations in the area and is quickly becoming very popular and talked about around the town. Founded by the Wolfe brothers, Through Thick & Thin mainly specializes in Detroit and New York-style pies.

They offer various flavor combinations that are quite unique and excellent for people that are bored with regular pizzas and want to try something new and different. There are also standard cheese pizzas with flavor combos like “Jalapeno Popper” and “Eggplant Farm.” The interior is very pleasant, and the staff is very responsive and helpful.

2. Papa’s Pizza & Restaurant

papa's pizza best pizza in london ontario canada

Papa’s Pizza & Restaurant is an establishment that opened back in 1972, and throughout the years, it has remained a family tradition in London, Ontario. Numerous customers claim that this is the best place to have panzerotti/calzone and pizza in London, and for a good reason.

It is a type of place you would drive by and never notice, but it is worth the trip due to the excellent food and staff. The interior of the restaurant is pretty simple and minimalistic, yet very cozy with a nice ambiance. The pizza is excellent, rich, and flavorful, and chefs definitely do not cheap out on ingredients that are fresh and very tasty.

3. Formaggio’s Pie Shack

formaggio's pie shack best pizza in london ontario canada

Formaggio’s Pie Shack specializes in making amazing pizzas with any flavor you can possibly think of. They offer a wide variety of choices, from deep dish to thin-crust pizzas that are filling and tasty. This pizzeria utilizes fresh ingredients and focuses on quality and ultimate satisfaction for its customers.

It is a great place to dine at if you are a sauce-lover since it offers three unique homemade flavors for you to try. This is a family-run business that has been around ever since August 2011. The chefs do an amazing job and prepare their pizzas with plenty of ingredients, while the staff is very pleasant, friendly, and responsive.

4. Stobie’s Pizza

stobies best pizza in london ontario canada

Stobie’s Pizza is an establishment highly favored by the locals and is considered one of the best pizza places in the entire city. The staff is incredible and friendly to customers and offers a nice and cozy family atmosphere. The pizzas taste amazing, and you can pick from a wide variety of toppings.

There is some room inside the locale for eight or ten people, but delivery is super fast and responsible. Pizza slices are huge and are oozing with lots of cheese toppings that can fill you in just a couple of minutes. There are various pizzas for different tastes, and one of the favorite ones, especially among vegetarian customers, is a vegan pepperoni slice.

5. Marvellous 2 For 1 Pizza & Wings

marvellous 2 in 1 pizza best pizza in london ontario canada

Marvellous 2 For 1 Pizza & Wings is a pizzeria perfect for everyone that looks for a quick and delicious meal. This establishment creates a large section of signature pizzas with unique flavors, suitable for just about anyone. The locale is very clean and well organized, while the staff is very friendly.

One of the most popular choices is a small pepperoni pizza, and everyone gets surprised by just how big it is for a “small” pizza. It is definitely big enough for two people to split. The cheese is melty, and the whole dish is packed with flavorful ingredients. Moreover, the prices are affordable, so whenever you find yourself in the neighborhood, give this pizza place a chance.

6. Tonny’s Pizza

tonys pizza best pizza in london ontario canada

Tonny’s Pizza is a family-owned establishment that serves a wide variety of delicious meals, and the locals highly favor it. The founder of this restaurant is Tonny Lanni, who labored as a sous chef in early 1959 and gained a whole lot of experience in the business.

This restaurant is known far and wide for its great pizza, pasta, and especially one-of-a-kind panzarottis. They serve amazing New York-style pizza, salads, pasta, wines, and entrees. The ambiance of the restaurant is very cozy and pleasant, while the service is very fast and friendly.

7. Pizza Projekt

pizza projekt

Whether you are craving a traditional Chicago deep dish, Italian pie, or calzone, the Pizza Projekt has it all and then some. The pizzas in this establishment are made from the freshest ingredients, and they import their tomatoes from Italy and get their produce and herbs locally.

What makes this pizza place so special is its dough. They make their sauce and dough in-house daily, and the crust does not contain any eggs or dairy. The menu is diverse and vast, so if you are looking for a real feast, this is the place to go.

8. Zen’za Pizzeria

zenza pizza

One of the biggest trademarks of Zen’za Pizzeria is its creativity and diversity in the menu that contains delicious thin-crust pizzas. The greatest thing about this pizzeria is the fact that they have something for everyone since the options for which you can go seem countless.

With vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free entrees on the menu, you can enjoy a meal made of fresh and healthy ingredients. Another unique feature of this restaurant is vacuum-sealed pizzas that keep all delicious flavors intact and fresh upon arrival.

9. Muldoon’s Pizza

muldoons pizza

Muldoon’s Pizza is a real gem hidden in the streets of London, Ontario. It offers a wide variety of old-school pizzas, real, not cardboard cutouts. You can choose between thin, regular, or wheat crusts that are covered with some of the finest and freshest ingredients out there.

This pizzeria offers huge portions of delicious food while also keeping prices at affordable levels. The toppings are absolutely amazing, and the crust is buttery and delicious. Another thing that differentiates this place from others is the restaurant area that offers a warm and cozy atmosphere in which you can enjoy with your friends and family.

10. Richmoor’s Pizzeria

richmoors pizzeria

This pizzeria is a small family-owned and operated establishment. The owners are Darell and Silvana Richard, while Steven and Jessica Mooring purchased the business in the second half of 2016. This pizza place offers high-quality toppings and juicy ingredients on their pizzas.

The whole dining experience is even more enhanced by friendly and warm service and a family atmosphere that is notable from the moment you enter the locale. The chefs are very generous with ingredients, and every pizza feels rich and full of delicious flavors through and through. It is a great place to sit down, relax, and grab a quality bite.

Final Words

There are countless pizza places located in London, Ontario, and picking just ten of them was a really difficult task. However, the ones that made the cut are deserving of the place due to their quality of food, service, and atmosphere, so whenever you find yourself in the city, drop by some of these establishments, and you will not regret it.