A Guide To Wagering Requirements: How To Meet Them And Cash Out Your Bonus – 2023 Guide

The wagering requirements in casino games are more like the mandatory evil in the way of bonuses. The experienced players know it, and the new ones should know it. Based on this, most casino platforms in offline and online places attract potential players. Also, you can spot other opportunities like free spins.

However, you should know that 99% of the time, these are not converted into cash. Now you know why the claims of your SPY-Casino bonus were not subject to any withdrawal. Before using the bonuses, free spins, or withdrawing any money from these sources, you should set the number of times these can be done.

But it would help if you learned about the requirements, how to meet them, and how to cash them out. Let’s begin with the basics for better clarity.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

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You can understand wager as another term for a player’s bet on any game or slot on online portals. When the player is in a position to claim bonuses from the casino, whatever amount you get is paid in bonus money, and it is opposed to real cash.

When it comes to free spins, all the payouts you get while using them are also paid as bonus money. The bonus money can be stored in a separate wallet and has the wagering requirement.

Simply put, the wagering requirement refers to the amount of money which usually refers to the amount of bonus or winnings a player must wager before they are allowed to go forward and make a cash withdrawal. If you don’t meet these requirements, the amount you win in the game will not be converted into real money and will be forfeited.

Can These Requirements Be Avoided?

The only way to avoid the hassle brought in by these requirements is to renounce the bonus. But, if you ask for recommendations, very few will tell you to do so.

Although you might be constrained by a wagering requirement to be fulfilled, the bonus boosts the bankroll to a great extent. You have better chances of winning the games you love, and you can try your luck at the slot machine. Sometimes, you end up meeting the requirements before you know it and can withdraw without any issues.

Considering Wager-Free Casino Bonus Options

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The best way to deal with them is to see whether the wager-free stuff works as it is talked about or not. Wager-free refers to the bonus offer that comes without any wagering requirements attached to it. The best thing about these offers is that you can withdraw everything you have won and there shall be no delays in it.

They can be on the smaller side, and to save it, you should make a preliminary deposit to get the maximum advantage out of the move. Also, if you are lucky and win big, such wins will be paid in cash. You can spot them in any of the following ways:

  • The wager-free spins will open your doors for other wins
  • Wager-free deposit bonuses that will add to your winning amounts
  • Cashback

Such offers will allure you. Such allures are well-known by casino operators, and hence, they ensure that the promotions for such offers are in full swing. The best part about this is that when you win anything from such rolled offers, the withdrawal can be within seconds when you win any offers or spins.

However, in this case, casinos can request you to go for the deposits before you wish to withdraw them after winning.

Here are some tips in which you can beat wagering, and that too, in 30 minutes.

It would be best if you began with calculating the wagering requirements. You should have an idea about the number of times you should bet for your bonus. After this, you should begin playing the slots. When you spin a suitable spot each time, you take yourself close to using the bonus money.

It will help you complete the requirements. Hence, if you can manage the betting enough number of times and ensure that you are not losing out on the bonus money, you will successfully beat the wagering requirements. When you do it, you can turn the bonus money into real money, followed by its withdrawal.

Calculating The Wagering Requirements Of The Bonus

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The calculations can get boring, but you should not forget that it is important to know the functioning of wagering requirements and also pick the casinos that work as the best fit for your goal of getting the maximum benefits.

The factors on which the wagering requirements are based are as follows:

  • Whether the welcome bonus is a free spin bonus, a deposit match offer bonus, or nothing of this sort.
  • Whether or not the deposit amount is included or excluded from these requirements.

Now, think about the need for the existence of such requirements. So, the truth behind their existence is that they help comply with anti-money laundering regulations. If the requirements are not present, online criminals can use their illegal funds under the table and cause issues in the overall system of casinos, their functioning, and otherwise.

You can still beat their requirements by undertaking the following steps:

  • You should do proper research and choose your casino based on the same.
  • You should be well-versed with the relevant terms and conditions. They should be displayed.

And that’s all. These are important things, and you should follow them. You are good to go, and now, when you have all the knowledge, you have to sign up and play.


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When trying to complete your wagering requirements, the best thing you can do amid the process is to ensure that you are playing the right game. You will see that many casinos weigh different games, so you should research the same.

You can also try your hand at slots, as they are an amazing choice. But, the choice should be based on different market conditions that help you for the best bet.